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Maidthorn puts our money where our mouth is by creating and launching new ventures, some with corporate clients, some with partner entrepreneurs, and some on our own. We have a particular focus on passionate global niches where community, content and commerce come together to create valuable new brands

The online fan club for country music


CountryLine is the world’s first (and only) fan club app for country music. Connecting country music lovers worldwide, CountryLine is the 'one stop shop' for all things country - curating the best in video and audio, including backstage interviews, exclusive sessions, competitions, news and gigs, plus boxsets and movies. If you like country, you're home.

The data and engagement platform for sport


Insportive started life during the London 2012 Olympics as Grandstand TV in partnership with BBC Sport. An example of Maidthorn's resilient and patient approach to venture building, Insportive went through several iterations in a rapidly changing sports media market before partnering with DADI+ to create the premier data and engagement platform for sport.

The multimedia platform for your playlists

Adio Collections

Adio is a multimedia playlist creation platform, allowing content owners to pick any combination of YouTube videos, SoundCloud tracks and online MP3s and create beautifully presented and highly distributable playlists we call Adio Collections. Engineered for mobile & easy to embed or share, this is the first time you can package different media from different places, with full copyright attribution within one beautifully simple interface.

Airtime for equity fund

UKTV Ventures

UKTV Ventures is a new airtime-for-equity fund investing £15m a year of TV advertising into exciting growth stage consumer ventures. UKTV reaches two thirds of the UK population every month. The fund leverages this national reach to connect high potential businesses with our highly engaged audiences.

Swapping homes, travelling easy

Love Home Swap

Love Home Swap was Maidthorn's first venture, founded in 2009 with original Maidthorn Partner, Debbie Wosskow, and her brother Ben. Love Home Swap grew to be the world's leading social travel club and was bought by Wyndham in 2017 for $53m

'Netflix for the arts' - the global arts and culture streaming service

Marquee TV

Marquee TV delivers contemporary, innovative and classical performances from around the world. From the latest works to established favourites; Marquee TV brings dance, opera, theatre, concerts, documentaries and original series to your home. Featuring the biggest brands in world, from the Royal Opera House, Royal Ballet and Royal Shakespeare Company to the Bolshoi, Glyndebourne and New York City Ballet, Marquee TV curates and streams the finest performances to arts and culture lovers wherever they want to watch them

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